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230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45

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The new company will handle fire, stock and accident insurance. Aid is asked for parts of the Mercer, Chicora and 3-degree roads, but nothing is said about that stretch of road to the north west of town—the Prospect or New Castle—which is one of the worst pieces in the connty; and which 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 be re placed by a new road running UP Sulli van run and around the Swingers Personals in Hurdsfield, and con necting with both the New Castle and Meroer roads.

It is absnrd to crawl np a hill with a team, when yon can go around it The Supervisors of Mnddy creek twp. School Notes. It bis been decided by the faculty of he High school to hold the June com mencement exercises in the United Presbyterian church instead of in the High school chapel.

It was originally Intended to hold the exercises in the chapel, but as that room will only hold about people it was thought beet to make the change, as usually between and 1, people attend the com mencement exercises. July 4th Excursions. Inquire of agents for rates, time of trains and other in formation. Excursions to Atlantic City. The first Penna. Bryan calls Parker ' the speechless candidate. Mrs Vi. Lyon has returned from her trip to California. Harry Pisor of Worth twp. Madame Downing of Oil City is the guest of Mrs.

David Lefever of Middlesex did some shopping in Butler, Friday. Miss Emuia Weitzel of Allegheny is visiting friends in Leipzig morning fun420 friendly city.

Amos Seaton of Venango twp. Earl Ellenberger of Fairview visited 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 parents, in Butler, this week. Thomas A. Thrower of Clinton twp.

Press Weigle and wife of Prospect were in Butler on a shopping tour. Mon day. James S. Wilson of Slipperyrock at tended Presbytery in Butler, this week. Bert Black of Cherry twp. Enterline attended the funeral of her father at Lewisburg.

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VanDyke of near Clinton ville. L Wright of New Brighton are the guests of Mrs. 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 of Butler and Frantz of Cbicora exchanged pulpits, last Sunday. Miss Gertrude Redick graduated from Slipperyrock Normal, this week, and is at home. Rnth McCandless of Race street won the prize for the best essay on the Park, by a school-girl. Jennings and family are now occupying their summer home on the hill north of town. Purvis has had Dr. Sweet want casual sex Doswell his tory of the U.

John G. Fleming of Buffalo twp. President Yates of the B. George Lowry of Sioux Falls, S. He has been in the drug business there for twenty years. National Delegate W. Lnsk leaves Friday for the Republican Convention. He will visit his brother Maj. Lnsk at Rock Island.

Westerman of Clinton township drove to town, last Friday, wearing an overcoat on the 10th day of June- but it was needed. Wilbeit Blaiue of Centre tv. Samuel P. Montgomery, who lately figured in a church-light at Gill Hall, Pa. Miss Clara,daughter of G. Weisen stein of Bufler twp. Paul J. On Sunday she will sing a solo at the Church of the Ascension dedication exercises, and on Monday evening at the Pittsburg Con servatory of 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45.

Ramsey, Mrs. Alex Frais er ami Mrs. Boyd of Minnesota is visit ing his couoins, Harvey H. Boyd of the South Side. Fifty years ago a doctor told him ho had only about six months to live if he stayed in this country and if he wished to pro long his life he had better seek the dry air of the west. He went to Minnesota and lived. Frank Hitchcock,the engineer,has in vented a perfect fire escape that can be attached to any window and is perfect ly safe and adjustable.

You stick your foot in the strap and go down safely, the motion being regulated by a com pressor. Frank weighs pounds but he goes down from the second story, jnst for the fun of it. She—"Then you don't believe in higher education for women?

I think it's a shame to even teach 'em how to read. Penn twp. Adderhold near Frazier's mill. Sheriff Gibson Local sexy females in Dunkirk Maryland a working interest and is drilling the well, and he says it will be good for a bbls, sure. Clearfield—John Black St Co.

Jim and. Jim Wiley and Joe Bailey are neigh bors in the northwestern part of the county—and great cronies. Both are up in the seventies, and do nothing now butsmall chores: Jim is on the jury, this week, and he was sworn in Tuesday morning on that Saxonburg case, which was still "on" when noon came and Court adjourned At 1: The tip-staves were sent out, the con stables of the town were notified, the telephones were used but no Jim could be found.

Then the County Detective, who knew him was sent out, and he found Jim and Joe, listening to a street faker, and swapping peanuts and small talk, at a street corner. Tim had for gotten all about such trifles as Courts and Juries when he found Joe. Bedford Springs. This hotel can accomodate five hun dred people, and it is located in one of the loveliest spots on this earth—a nar row valley, with a ereat sand-stone hill on one side, and one of limestone on the other—both covered with forests and vegetation.

Mineral waters of every kind yon have ever heard of emanate from the limestone bill, and it is these that have giveu Bedford Springs their repntation. The hotel is always kept up to date, and the delightful paths; 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 the forests and over 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 bills famish exercise for the guests.

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Brandon Party girl in Shepway Co. Clara McAboy vs Woken Com'rs appeal from assessment of on h. Sue McQoistion vs County Com missioners. Pe tri St. Commonwealth vs: Hugh McGorlick and Clarence Fields larceny, trne bill. Lnly Logan, larceny, true bill, Max Zetfo larceny and receiving stolen goods, true bill.

John Ellenberger, deseTtiou. The Grand Jury finished its work, last Friday, and recommended that con siderable repairing be done to the Court Beautiful mature wants dating Stamford, that tbe jail be supplied with a water-filter, and the extra room nefded used by the District Attorney, and that the railroads provide safety-gates at the Centre ave.

Millinan, trustee of Henry W. Leise, bankrupt, on Thursday last, at the Court House, sold the property to J. The Buhler Trust Co. Saturday a divorce was granted to Elizabeth Miller from Alexander Miller of Harmony on grounds of cruelty. Bugler divorce was granted to William Moist of Myoma from Margaret C.

Moist for desertion. Beatty, Geo. Robin son, Esq. McNees were appoint ed a commission in lunacy on Dr. W Ewing of the South Side on petition of neighbors. He was committed to Dixrnont. Cooper, J. Dickey, M. Humphrey, W. Vincent, U. R Reed, H. Gill and J. Andrew J. Friday Sheriff Gibson sold Jill the right, titie interest and claim of W. Powell, in a brick building on McCool ave. The writ against C. Geis on the Lyndora Hotel was returned. The panel having been exhausted the Sheriff called Win.

McAboy and William Nolf as talisuien. Kerr and John Z. Murrin of Murrinsville nseded placed on trial yester day afternoon on charges of malicious mischief, resulting from their colliding with a rig and breaking it.

The jury in the case of Com. Gillen, indicted for removing goods from county 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 escape paying tent, last evening returned a verdict 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 gnilty an indicted.

230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 I Looking Dating

Joe lch farmer O a rc! Bruner, J. Bruner, W. Brunermer, Mrs. Cora J. Brunermer, D. Bryan, A. Bryan, R. Bryan, T.

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Buchanan, II. Buchanan, J. Buehler, Mrs. Bulford, Geo. Bulford, Mrs. Mary 2ch housework O 18a rd5 Bulter Penn township H Bupp, Rob't C. Bupp, W. Bnrk, David J. Burk, J. Burke, Mrs. Addah C. Burns, Michael C. Burns, P. Burkett, J. Burr, A. BURR, H. Burr, Mrs. Burr, W. Burris, Mrs. Burry, 320. Burtner, Forest H. Burtner, J. Burton, Ethel M. Burton, E. Butler, A. Butler Mrs. Byers, F. Byers, S. Byers, W. Caldwell, D.

Belt Summit township HOC. Sunbury Cherry rdl Borers Venango township P B.

Slippery Rock township 1 1. IVtroha Fairvicw township Campbell, Geo.

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West Sunbury Concord township Campbell, G. IVtrolia Concord township I T. Campbell, H. Campbell, I. Campbell, John P. Campbell, John D. Campbell, J. Campbell, Judson D.

Campbell, L. Campbell, Mary farmer O a rdl Boycrs Venango township 1 Campbell, M.

Nettie J. Campbell, Samuel L. Campbell, Miss Sarah J. Campbell, Mrs. Sarah J. Campbell, S. Campbell, W. Cannon, J. Cch blacksmith T 47a rd2 Fcnelton Indianapolis lonely women township 11 17 Campbell, Win. Careless, C. Carnahan, Clarence E. Carnahan, J.

Carson, Rebecca housekeeper O 90a rdl Harrisville Marion township Castor, Frank D. Cashdollar, Mrs. Catherine house- keeper O 50a rdl Mars Adams township H5 Cashdollar, S. Cashdollar, W. Catlin, L.

Chambers, John M. Chambers, W. Chambers, Rev. Chandler, G. Cheeseman, John B. Cheeseman, Jos. Christy, B. Christie, I. Christy, John C. Christy, J. Christie, J. Oil Co. Och fanner O 70a rd3 Chicora Sm township H3 Christy, S. Christy, W. Christley, E. Christley, Jacob S. Christley, John L. Clark, George A. Coast, John E. Hogs T! Coates, Frank lch farmer a rd3 Cleland. Muddy Creek township H32 B T. Creek township H12 B T. Cobbctt, Mrs. Cochran, E. Cochran, John C.

Hovers Venango township H45 dinger, C. Marion township H25 1-S 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 T. Collins, Mrs. Catherine farmer O 20a rd3 Butler Summit township H Collins, Q. Collins, J. Collins, Vincent 2ch farmer O 7a rd3 ljutler Summit township H Collar, Geo. Collar, G. Collar, J. Colter, B. Conley, Bytler. Conn, L. Conn, R. Conn, S. Conn, W. Conners, Mrs.

Conrad, J. Convery, Mrs. Conway, H. Conway, John farmer O Hot Albany getting better rd4 W. Conway, C.

Cooke, Mrs. Paulina E. Cooper, A. Cooper, C. Cooper, Mrs. Cooper, 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45. Cooper, G. Cooper, Harry 4ch carpenter R. Cooper, Harry W. Cooper, I. Cooper, J. Cooper, j. Cooper, P. Cooper, R. Cooper, S.

Cooper, W. Cookson, T. Gch farmer T a Petrolia Parker township H48 Corbett, John 8ch pumper R. Comwell, D. Coulter, B. Coulter, Chas. Coulter, C.

Coulter, S. Courson, Chas. Covert, Isaac V. Maurice I. Jasper lch farmer Grain 38a rdl Slippery Rock Brady township Covert, J. Covert, Mrs. Laura K. Covert, R. Cox, Mrs. Jane lch farm Wives wants hot sex Gresham Oregon O 35a rdl Mars Adams township Cox, John Chas. Winfield Winfield township H9.

Coyer, J. Coyle, J. Craig, Charles U. Cramer, R. Cramer, W. Cranmer, Charles E. Cratty, J. Cratty, Joseph 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45. Crawford, Free chat rooms sites with sluts. Crawford, Mrs. Martha housekeeper Pittsburg Mars. Creese, A. Cress, B. Cress, John F. Cress, Mrs. Cress, N. Cress, W.

Cribbs, J. Criley, Mrs. Criswell, D. Criner, J. Crist, T. Critchlow, J. Critchlow, Lee R. Critchlow, R. Critslow, R. Croft, Amos L. Croft, John Brasilia fuck buddies. Croft, Mrs. Nancy H. Croft, S. Croft, Stewart R. Croft, Thos. Crook, Martha J. Croll, M. Cross, Mrs. Crouch, J. Crouch, L. Croup, J. Cruikshank, J. Crumley, E. Cubbage, J. Cubbins, W. Cubbison, W. Cumberland, E.

Cumberland, I. Cunningham, G. Currie, C. Currie, Win B. Currie, W. Curry, Wm. Curry, W. Cushey, J. Cypher, C. Cypher, H. Cypher, Wm. Dambaugh, Harvey O. Dart, D. Daubenspeck, A. Daubenspeck, Miss A.

230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 Daubenspeck, C. Daubenspeck, H. Daubenspeck, W. Daugherty, L. Sunbury Cherry township H33 I T. Davis, C. Davis, E. Davis, Jas. Davis, J. Ich steel worker T 5a rdl Butler Jefferson township H10 Davis, Jos.

Davis, Leslie H. Davis, Marshall H. Davis, W. Ich farmer O 37a rd65 Emlenton Allegheny township H3 Davis, W; B. Davison, Mrs. Davison, Win. Davidson, E. Dawe, E. Dawson, Geo. Deniston, G. Denniston, Thos. Dawson, S. Dawson, R. Dean, Albert H. Dean, J. Dean, Richard W. Deets, H. Deer, Geo. Deemer, A.

Deemer, Clyde C. Deemer, Win. Delair, W. Delancy, F. Delaney, J. Dc Lourv, T. DELP, J. Denny, Mrs. Sarah A. DICE, Rev. Dick, C. Dick, John S. Dickey, F. Washington Washington township H43 Dickey, David M. Dickey, J. Woman looking real sex Swainsboro, Robert M. Dickey, R. Dickey, W.

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Dickson, Wm. Dieter, N. Diedrich, Peter farmer O 45a Tomorow H20 Dietrich, Geo. Dietrich, J. Dietrich, John M. Dillman, Geo. Dindinger, D. Dipner, T. Dipner, W. Dittmer, J. Dixon, John M.

Dixon, W. Dobson, D. Doerr, F. Doerr, Geo. Doerr, Henry farmer O 27a rd2 Cabot Winfield township Doerr, John 8ch laborer T 70a rdl Cabot Jefferson township Doerr, John G. Dodds, D. Dodds, F. Dodds, H. Dodds, John S. Domhoff, Chas. Domhoff, Christopher 3ch farmer T a rdl Harmony Lancaster township 1 Donaldson, A. Donaldson, C. Donaldson, II. Donaldson, J.

Donaldson, Mrs. Margaret H. Ich housework O la rd2 box 16 Renfrew Penn township H Donaldson, M. 230 am bj needed tomorrow women only 45 butler pa 45 Cherry township H33 Donaldson, Stephen 2ch O 20a rdl Valencia Middlesex township Dorr, Mrs.

Seeking my Manchester, Mrs. DOTY, J. Double, P. Double, J. Double, E. Douthett, Roy B.

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Douthett, W. Douglass, G. Douglass, S. Downing, J. Doyle, P. Drake, Tonorrow. Drane, P. Druschel, W. Duell, A. Duerr Geo. Duffield, J. Dufford, J.

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Dufford, W. Duffy, Allen W. Duffy, Newfoundland girls nude. Duffy, Wm. Dumbaugh, H. Dunbar, R.

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